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Regular Mail

Transurban has now closed the facility for new credit and debit card accounts held on our servers for  retail customers.
 In the past, transactions could be set up by regular mail or other postal transfer. Paypal renders this obsolete. Existing customers and ongoing accounts that are under special management are of course unaffected, but we no longer accept new applications. Please set up a Paypal account if you don't already have one - it covers all common payment methods.
Should you wish to do this and close an existing Transurban account, simply email and let us know. We will confirm that you are the account holder and close that account immediately. Any outstanding credit will be transferred back into your bank.
If you have any reason to use a postal method of payment, such as cheques, for single purchases, bespoke guarantees, special delivery requirements or additional privacy beyond the internet, please email us for details of how to proceed.


A quick trip to Paypal's home site will confirm that in the last few years they have become a virtual bank for the whole world.
Paypal crosses country boundaries and time zones. It has developed in a way that makes currency conversions and VAT structures a no-hassle experience.

They even offer a guarantee of refunds, over and above the seller, if there is a problem or the possibility of fraud.
This amalgamation of business practice and consumer sensibility finally convinced Transurban that direct retail could be secure, guaranteed and transparent in operation.
Supporting all common forms of credit and debit card, Paypal offers greater security and guarantees than the old method of forwarding card details through the mail. Its use on eBay also makes you eligible for preferential pricing.
We highly recommend that you set up an account and shop with us in this preferred format.

Internet Currencies

The most eagerly discussed subject within web banking circles is the ongoing rise and development of internet currencies.
Alongside Transurban's swap accounts, held in Sterling, Dollars and Euros, we have created a full parity account using Omicron's own Qoins and Qancels.
This method of payment is open to all trial account holders with the Omicron City retail organisation, which at time of writing is in beta and not yet fully launched.
Transurban holds its account directly with the First Bank of Omicron City and the portal operates directly through the site.
Payments carry the same level of guarantees and privacy as any other and include the benefits of Omicron City's own discounting system for purchasing through the site.
If other virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, stabilise, Transurban will look to offer the service. Transurban's own relationship with Omicron currently guarantees all transactions.

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