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Our Services

Our business model is service based. We introduce a seller to a buyer and make the transaction as easy as possible.
Wherever you are in the world, we speak the common language of Internet - Paypal - and, of course, shopping!
Transurban has been retailing and shipping since before the Internet, we have a proven track record. When you buy through us, you partner with the most reliable names in the world. Our aim is to give you a hassle free experience.

Our Payment Policy

Our oldest customers know that, over the years, we have relentlessly sought the safest and most guaranteed form of exchange for all your transactions as the web has developed.
We now believe that Paypal have finally delivered on the best possible payment deal for both business and the public. It's fast, easy and guaranteed. It covers all major forms of payment and is now recognised globally as the de facto means of exchange on the internet. If you're not completely satisfied - we give you your money back.

Our Customers

As an adjunct to our regular services, we want to offer even greater value to our regulars. When we were business to business, only our wholesale customers benefited from their loyalty. Now anyone can open a free account, have direct contact with the staff and get advice, recommendations, order tracking and latest news from supported brand names.
As always, any personal information submitted is not kept beyond the particular transaction and is never shared or sold.

Transurban Distribution & Shipping. Operating worldwide out of the West Midlands, United Kingdom.
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